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As China’s global role and development assistance continues to grow, UNDP’s work with China under the Strengthened Partnership agreement focuses on five key areas:

  • Trilateral Cooperation
  • Experience Sharing on Foreign Aid Systems
  • Global and Regional Issues
  • Private Sector Engagement and South-South Cooperation
  • Sharing Development Experiences and Lessons through South-South Dialogue

Trilateral Cooperation

Trilateral cooperation supported by UNDP is a specific approach under which UNDP development expertise is combined with Chinese knowhow to respond to sustainable development challenges facing developing countries. A trilateral pilot can take various forms, but all involve UNDP and China collaborating at the request of, and for the benefit of, a specific third country. When engaging in trilateral piloting UNDP has two main objectives. The first is to bring greater benefits to developing countries than what would be achieved by UNDP or China acting alone. The second is to enable China and UNDP to learn more about each other’s ways of providing development cooperation.

Experience Sharing on Foreign Aid Systems

In 2012, the Government of China and UNDP engaged in a review of various approaches to foreign aid and their impact to inform policies on China’s foreign aid.

Global and Regional Issues

UNDP is working to enhance China’s substantive engagement in regional and global development dialogues, international and regional negotiations, and development initiatives.

Private Sector Engagement and South-South Cooperation

Chinese companies are rapidly developing their overseas operations in other developing countries. The issue of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is taking on increasing importance for these companies as their operations have environmental and social consequences. UNDP is working with the Chinese private sector to promote adherence to CSR principles in their operations in other developing countries, in particular with respect to environmental and labour standards.

Sharing Development Experiences and Lessons through South-South Dialogue

China’s remarkably rapid transformation from a low-income country to a middle income country and its experience in lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty has the potential to offer relevant lessons to other developing countries. UNDP is working with China to share this development experience, tailoring assistance to the specific requests received from developing countries and incorporating this customized approach into China’s own, broader experience sharing exercises.

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