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Promoting Cooperation

In 2010, the United Nations Development Programme and Chinese government signed a new agreement on strengthening South-South cooperation between the two sides. This was the first time China signed an agreement with a multilateral partner. Since then, UNDP and China have jointly implemented multiple innovative projects, not only to promote South-South cooperation between China and other developing countries, but also to improve China's participation in international affairs.

Matching Unique Solutions 

Every country has different development needs and challenges, South-South tries to match unique solutions to developing countries' needs. UNDP implements projects to promote the practice of experience-sharing between countries and offer a range of policy choices for different countries. Our work with China focuses on five key areas: (1) Trilateral Cooperation (2) Experience Sharing on Foreign Aid Systems (3) Global and Regional Issues (4) Private Sector Engagement and South-South Cooperation (5) Sharing Development Experiences and Lessons through South-South Dialogue.



China's South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund
Trilateral Cooperation
Engaging with Chinese Companies

422,450 people


have benefited from trilateral partnerships of US$17million in Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Antigua and Barbuda, and Dominica for post disaster recovery in 2017

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