China-Ghana South-South Cooperation on Renewable Energy Technology Transfer

As part of Denmark’s focus on enabling coherent South-South Cooperation between China and African countries and the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative, UNDP China has been funded to develop the Renewable Energy Technology Transfer project to ensure a more holistic transfer of renewable energy technologies from China to Africa. The project addresses Ghana’s need to increase universal energy access. It promotes the production of renewable energy technologies in Ghana with a strong focus on private sector development and inclusion. In China, the project supports the review and updating of South-South Cooperation policies and guidelines. It also contributes to capacity development, enabling China to engage more systematically in South-South Cooperation. 



Project start date:

July 2014

Estimated end date:

December 2019

Focus area:

  • eradicate poverty in all its forms and dimensions
  • Project office:

    UNDP in China

    Implementing partner:

    The AdminCtr4China's Agenda 21

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    Funding Support by

    Donor name

  • Danish Gov/min Of Foreign Aff
  • Amount contributed


    Delivery in previous fiscal year

    2019 $17,385

    2018 $245,251

    2017 $209,636

    2016 $155,412

    2015 $94,777

    2014 $0


    The project aims to effect off-grid community-based electrification, to increase the share of renewable energy and to promote the productive use of renewable energy. The project also supports broader socio-economic and environmental objectives - most notably poverty reduction - through employment generation as well as action on climate change mitigation. The project will create an enabling environment in Ghana to absorb new technology and in China to appropriately transfer renewable technology.


    Outcome 1:  Created an enabling environment in Ghana for the transfer, production, regulation, and usage of renewable energy technologies.

    • Created the Renewable Energy Master Plan in Ghana for enhanced use, regulation and promotion of renewable energy technologies ;
    • Removed barriers to effectively transfer renewable energy technologies.

    Outcome 2: Access to and use of relevant Renewable Energy Technologies increased in Ghana.

    • Selected renewable energy solutions (biogas, improved cookstoves, solar, and hydropower) for transfer;
    • Increased use of renewable energy technologies in Ghana through capacity developing and financing mechanisms.

    Outcome 3: China’s capacity for South-South Cooperation in renewable energy technology transfer strengthened.

    • Created a knowledge base and China-Ghana networks for South-South Cooperation on technology transfers;
    • Established mechanisms for upscaling renewable energy technology transfer from China to Ghana.

    Outcome 4: Project management and coordination mechanisms established.

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