UNDP National Goodwill Ambassador Zhou Xun meets UNDP’s Animal Ambassadors for the SDGs

May 15, 2016

Zhouxun meets the UNDP Panda ambassadors in Chengdu

Chengdu, May 15 2016– UNDP China National Goodwill Ambassador, actress Zhou Xun traveled to the Chengdu Panda Base this weekend to meet with her newest fellow UNDP Ambassadors, the UNDP Animal Ambassadors for the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs), the Qing He panda twins. Zhou Xun lent her support to the current UNDP Global Panda Naming Campaign and Search for Panda Champions for the Global Goals, as well as calling for awareness and action on the SDGs.

In January, UNDP launched the Global Panda Campaign to name the panda twins, and search for 17 Panda Champions for the Global Goals, as an innovative approach to engaging the wider public on the Sustainable Development Goals, leveraging the Pandas world wide appeal. Pandas have long been considered an unofficial ambassador for the environment, and many of the issues the Pandas have come to signify are interconnected with the aims and priorities of the new agenda of the United Nations.

Currently the campaign has had over 900 submissions for name suggestions and applications to become a Panda Champion for the Global Goals. Submissions have been coming in from all over the world including Hawaii, Belarus, Philippines, Denmark, Australia, Scotland and China. Amongst the many name suggestions so far are和和(He He)and平平(Ping Ping) (和平means Peace), Pan-ki-moon, Ozone and Beam, 大使(Da Shi, Ambassador) and 联合(Lian He, United).

During her visit, Zhou Xun said she was “thrilled to meet my fellow UNDP Ambassadors. Together, myself, as National Goodwill Ambassador, and the Animal Ambassadors for the SDGs, would like to encourage everyone to get involved in this fun campaign, and help us promote the SDGs, and you may get the chance to come meet the pandas in person!” Zhou Xun has also submitted her own name suggestions for the UNDP Animal Ambassadors for the SDGs.

Furthermore, Zhou Xun spoke about the importance of the SDGs to our society, “the SDGs set out 17 goals to create a world without poverty, which allows all boys and girls a decent education, and preserves our planet for future generations In particular, I would like to call attention to Goal 10: to reduce inequality, especially for children with disabilities. I hope that with these goals we can build a society that allows children with disabilities to live without discrimination. These goals are for everyone, everywhere”.

Zhou Xun became China’s first UNDP National Goodwill Ambassador in 2008. In addition to her booming film career, Zhou has been widely recognized in China for her efforts in environmental protection, including launching an environmental multimedia awareness campaign entitled OUR PART to promote a simple, effective and eco-friendly lifestyle. Zhou Xun is organizing the ‘One Night’ charity concert to support the One Day Chorus, a choir for children with disabilities.

To learn more about the campaign and submit your name suggestions for the pandas and video applications to become a Panda Champion for the Global Goals, visit www.pandas.undp.org. Submissions close on 13 July. The chosen names for the UNDP Animal Ambassadors will be officially announced at the end of July. The 17 Panda Champions for the Global Goals will be announced in August, and will get to travel to Chengdu in September for the Panda’s 1st Birthday.

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