Love Birds Week is Back in Altai

May 6, 2016

Staff from Liangheyuan Provincial Nature Reserves participate in bird watch training

April 27, Altai- To raise awareness on wildlife protection, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)-Global Environment Facility (GEF) project in the Altai Mountains and Wetlands, alongside the Altai Mountains Forestry Bureau and Liangheyuan Provincial Nature Reserve Management Bureau, co-hosted the annual Love Birds Week. It included 6 activities such as bird watching and lectures to educate the key stakeholders on how to better protect the wildlife and ecosystem in Altai.

The series of activities started with bird watch training, organized by the project at the Kekesu Wetland for staff from Liangheyuan Provincial Nature Reserves. The Kekesu Wetland is an important connection point of the Euro-Asia continent for wildlife migration, during April, the breeding season, it is also a crucial habitat. The staff received training from experts on the tools and key techniques for bird watching and field monitoring, which will help the staff who work on the ground to gain a better understanding and experience.

Following the bird watch training, the project also provided a class for the kids in a local kindergarten with the theme “Birds need help” to guide them to be familiar with the importance of nature and generate interest in the ecosystem. Questions regarding the change of nature and environment as well as the surviving challenges birds are facing were asked to the kids to inspire them to love and protect the birds while playing a themed animation, which actively engaged the class and stimulated ideas. 

The next day, the author of Altai Wild Birds Illustrated Book, a local bird lover Mr. Zhang Guoqiang was invited by the project to speak to adolescents about bird conservation in order to raise awareness of wildlife in a local high school. In the lecture, Mr. Zhang introduced the features of birds, bird watching, and how to identify and conserve birds with pictures and his own stories. 

“It’s great pleasure for me to attend the lecture. I gained better understanding of bird protection through the lecture. I think we cannot get this knowledge form text book,” noted one student.

Altai Mountains and Wetlands in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region is internationally recognized for its extraordinary landscapes, livelihoods, and unique biodiversity. UNDP has partnered with the Forestry Department of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region since 2013 to initiate the UNDP-GEF Altai Project, aiming to preserve the Altai Mountains and Wetland landscape. The Altai project is part of the greater UNDP-GEF ‘Wetland Protected Area System Strengthening for Biodiversity Conservation’ Programme. 

Key Highlights From Annual Love Birds Week in Altai

Mr. Zhang Guoqiang talks to adolescents about bird conservation
Children from the kindergarten with their artwork
Children from the Kindergarten celebrate annual bird week
Bird watch training in Kekesu Wetland

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