Our Partner: Panda Green Energy Group

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Panda Green Energy Group is a leading investor and operator focusing on photovoltaic power plants in China.

To propel the global application and development of green energy, UNDP launched a partnership with Panda Green Energy Group to promote clean technology and enhance engagement with the next generation of young leaders to take action on climate change.

Panda Green Energy Group have finished building their first Panda Solar Station, basing its appearance on China's national treasure - the Giant Panda. The 50 MW power plant cover a total area of 248 acres, with the black part composed of monocrystalline silicone and the grey and white part thin film solar cells. The first Panda Solar Farm has been connected to the grid, and was the host of the UNDP and Panda Green Energy Group “Youth leadership Camp for Climate Action” 2017.

UNDP and Panda Green Energy Group are collaborating on a campaign designed to promote public consciousness about environmental-friendly technologies and sustainable development, as well as to encourage youth participation in innovation enterprises for social good. The campaign hopes to engage and inspire the youth in China and elsewhere in the world to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and provide a platform to solicit ideas on helping to tackle some of the toughest development challenges.

We work with Panda Green Energy Group to:

  • Jointly advocate the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Engage youth in “innovation for development” initiatives
  • Develop research on the landscape of youth in China, as part of UNDP’s Global Youth Strategy (2014-2017)

To read more about our partnership with Panda Green Energy Group, see our news coverage

To learn more about Panda Green Energy Group and its social performance, see its corporate site.

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