Our Partner: Baidu

 Hailiang Tao, Senior Product Manager at Baidu, and Zhao Wei, renowned Chinese actress and film director, demonstrate how to use the new light app called Baidu Recycle

Baidu is a Chinese internet services company providing the largest and most popular Chinese language-search engine for over 740 million websites, 80 million images, and 10 million multimedia files. Headquartered in Beijing, Baidu and UNDP have partnered up to use big data to generate innovative solutions to social problems.  

In 2014, Baidu and UNDP launched a joint lab for innovation, developing an e-waste light app that allows end users to schedule certified collection of their obsolete electronic equipment for safe disposal and recycling. Find out about Baidu Recycle here.

In 2017, the partnership launched China’s first ever UN-led open design challenge, "Geek for Good" which provided a platform to galvanize citizen engagement and inspire people to find tech-based innovative solutions for some of the toughest development challenges in China.

The goal of the challenge was to encourage people across the country to utilize design thinking and innovative concepts such as reverse engineering for adapting and prototyping public services. 10 winning solutions were invited to pitch for funding and the opportunity to test their innovations in the field. Find out more about Geek for Good here.

In addition, Zhang Yaqin, President of Baidu, is a founding member of the Private Sector Advisory Board.

Specifically we work with Baidu to:

  • Utilise Baidu's Big Data engine to identify valuable data; formulate and implement development strategies;
  • Establish Big Data Joint Laboratory with technical and field experts from both UNDP and Baidu; Work together on the Big Data Joint Lab along with industry leaders to actualize and implement projects for the social good;
  • Provide working mechanism to encourage social innovation and cross-sector partnership building;
  • Joint Laboratory research outcomes to contribute to UN’s global network;
  • Forge a public welfare platform to promote knowledge sharing through documentary films and social media advocacy.
  • Enhance involvement of private sector in key development issues
  • Advocate the important of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and innovation for sustainable development.

Geek For Good

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