Greener World, Better Future ----- #Sing for Green Campaign

Popular indie group Miserable Faith kicks off the Sing for Green movement.

April 2014, Beijing - The UN and UNDP in China have teamed up with Midi Music Festival, China’s largest rock and modern music event, to build public awareness on forging a cleaner, greener future for the world. Through the power of music and social media, UNDP hopes to spread the message on the importance of sustainability and reach youth in particular.

The Sing for Green online campaign is designed to get people thinking about a greener earth and brighter future through an interactive musical activity. As the campaign's online creative champion, popular Chinese indie rock band Miserable Faith created an exclusive set of special lyrics for their famous song Rolling to the South on the theme of environmental protection. Online participants can create their own lyrics about the future they want.

Both Chinese and international bands are slated to perform on a UN Stage, which will be built especially for the UN and will also be Midi’s main stage. UNDP will actively participate during the Festival, with several staff volunteers and UNVs on-site during all three days of the Beijing event. Interactive talks and games related to UNDP’s focus areas, the MDGs, and volunteerism will be carried out in tandem with activities involving the artists performing on the UN Stage.

The Midi Music Festival attracts over 60,000 festival-goers and over 200 volunteers annually, who help with organization in various capacities. It often uses environmental themes for slogans – for instance, Midi featured endangered animals and PM2.5 respectively for whole-year activities in 2011 and 2012.

Here’s how you can join #Sing for Green and bring sustainability to the forefront:

•       Click on the specified area and listen to Miserable Faith’s 10-second melody on this page or our Weibo or WeChat handles (download and streaming available free of cost).

•       Create a few lines of your own original lyrics on what kind of world you want or how you would make the world a greener place. (Note: you can sing about anything related to our shared world and environment!)

•       Film yourself singing your original song and upload the short video to UNDP’s accounts on Weibo, WeChat, Tudou, Youku, or Instagram. Tag your post #sing4green# and @迷笛

•       Vote for the best music entry on the above platforms.

•       The top 3 most-liked entries will win each win free tickets / 3-day passes to the 2014 Midi Music Festival in Beijing.

•       Winners will be announced April 25th.

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