Panda Solar Stations - Youth Engagement and Innovation to Promote Sustainable Development

To propel the global application and development of green energy, UNDP and Panda Green Energy Group launched the global promotion program of panda-shaped solar plants on 1st September 2016. 

The Panda Solar Stations base their appearance on China's national treasure - the Giant Panda. The 50 MW power plants cover a total area of 248 acres, with the black part composed of monocrystalline silicone. Future objectives plan to up capacity to 100 MW, increasing the capacity of the plant to provide green energy across a wider area in Datong and preventing an equivalent of 2.74 million tons of carbon dioxide in the next 25 years.  

As the future of development, the youth have the opportunity to contribute to world-wide sustainable development. UNDP and Panda Green Energy Group will work together to promote and popularize the promotion of new energy through summer camps and open innovation design contests. The initiatives aims to engage the youth of China and assist in developing the future leaders in the green energy field

Global UNDP Panda Campaign for the SDGs

Continuing the global success of the Naming Campaign for the 'UNDP Panda Ambassadors for the Sustainable Development Goals', the Global UNDP Panda Campaign for the SDGs will use the unique power of the pandas to further adovate and raise public awareness of the SDGs and clean energy.

Open Design Challenge

UNDP tackles the toughest development challenges in the world and are committed to finding the best-fit solutions to those challenges.

Innovation has been a key priority of UNDP with ‘open challenges’ providing a platform to encourage innovation.

UNDP will organise an 'open design challenge' for creative and aspiring youth in China. Using renewable energy as the foundation and utilizing the expertise from Panda Green Energy Group, the ‘open challenge’ will provide an unique environment encouraging co-creation which blends design, prototyping, and open-processes, aiming to support the achievement of SDGs in China with practical solutions to the growing need for affordable and clean energy whilst engaging the youth with sustainable development.

Summer Innovation Camps

Young candidates from around China will be recruited to participate in summer camps at the Panda Solar Stations. Under the theme of the UNDP SDGs with a particular focus on clean energy, young people will have the opportunity to learn, share knowledge, and experience the steps of an intesnse innovation process. 

The camp will offer participants a deeper understanding of green energies and first-hand experience of environmental protection, with top notch mentors and facilitators in the field to monitor and provide on-site support.  

Youth Exchange

UNDP will identify outstanding, marginalized youth groups in China to develop and strengthen their leadership skills through an international exchange initiative. The Youth Exchanges will involve leadership training, including training in negotiations, mediation and advocacy for stronger articulation of youth policies and statement. 

Younge candidates will be invited to join green energy and sustainable development forums organised by the United Nations and other international organisations, contributing to the develoipment of a new cadre of young leaders who are engaged with global development issues. 

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