Green Consumption Campaign

Oct 9, 2013

Sustainability @ the Forefront:  Green Your Life with UNDP

What is Green?

Green is about rethinking, saving, recycling, unplugging, sharing, minimizing, sustaining, reusing, renewing, and improving all things connected to the world and environment we share.

Green is about revolutionizing the way we view buying, travelling, learning, eating, working, and – simply, most importantly – living.

Green is about forging a cleaner, more responsible future for the benefit of all global citizens, no matter who you are or where you live.

The Green Consumption social media campaign is designed to cultivate green consumers and mainstream eco-friendly behaviour. UNDP China wants to educate and create public awareness on finding better, more sustainable alternatives in every facet of daily life, expanding people’s choices for consumption without compromising the future or the environment. With the help of our followers on Weibo and WeChat, UNDP China is building an interactive hub of Green Consumption knowledge and tips ready-made for empowering eco-friendly initiatives in real life.

We are proud to partner with Zhou Xun, our Goodwill Ambassador, and, China’s leading social networking platform dedicated to sharing reliable science, to explore the concept and practices behind Green Consumption. We want to generate discussions about daily earth-friendly habits and encourage everyone to lead greener lives.

Work with Us

  • Let’s talk! Follow us on Weibo (@undpchina) and WeChat (ID: undpchina) to learn more about our campaign, share your own eco stories and tips, and help us start a national conversation on Green Consumption.
  • Check out our videos – UNDP Administrator Helen Clark talks about the importance of Green Consumption and Zhou Xun shares her own daily green habits.
  • Visit to learn the science behind a greener world and post your views to the campaign’s live feed.

Above all, please take this opportunity to think of new ways for you and your friends to become green consumers. Is there a way you could waste less food? Do you always switch the lights off? Could you take a bike rather than go by car?

Simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference if we join together and adhere to a new, more environmentally conscious way of living – join UNDP and start living the sustainable life.

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