Baidu Recycle

An Innovative Solution to E-waste

With understanding of the challenge e-waste poses, UNDP China worked with internet company Baidu and developed a smartphone application called Baidu Recycle”. The app helps users price and recycle their electronic products by introducing nearby legitiamte e-waste pick-up services, helping streamline the recycling process and cut down ‘informal recycling stations’.   

The app is the first product from the UNDP-Baidu Big Data Joint Laboratory, which serves as an engine to identify valuable data, formulate and implement new methods and frameworks for using big data to support development goals. 

UNDP has also developed the the app in English so that we can share our knowledge and expertise to the rest of the world.

China now has a fantastic working solution, with clear results, that can tackle one of the biggest developmental challenges of our century.

Now is the time to work together and show the rest of the world what we can do!

Leading in Global Innovation

Baidu Recycle Showcased at 4th World Government Summit, Dubai

UNDP China, in collaboration with Baidu, showcased Baidu Recycle at the 4th World Government Summit, a high-level global forum that convened over 4,500 participants from more than 130 countries, including government officials, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and heads of multilateral organizations.more 

Winning Innovations at the Global Solutions Summit, New York

Baidu Recycle was among 14 winning innovations showcased at the global Solutions Summit held in New York on September 27th. Winning innovations were selected from over 800 inspiring applications from across the world based on their ability to innovatively address one or more of the newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals.more 

Replicating China’s E-Waste Recycling Model

Participants from over 13 countries came together to learn from China’s experience in managing the mounting E-waste recycling challenge and be inspired by China’s e-waste management systems, practices, disposal and treatment technologies and how these can be applied and replicated throughout the world.more 

Photo Story: Visioning the Next Generation of Recycling

Check out the photo story from the International Workshop on E-waste Management more 

How to Use The App


The app is now available for download from both iOS and Android.


Baidu Recycle in Photos

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