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With the goal to support “ the creation of global environmental benefits and safeguarding the global environment through community-based initiatives and actions, the GEF SGP, implemented by UNDP, aims to provide financial and technical support to communities and civil society organizations (CSOs) for their activities on Biodiversity Conservation, Climate Change Mitigation, Land Degradation, International Waters and Chemical management at local level.

What we do?

The programme works on reaching the poorest and most vulnerable communities, and empowering the local NGOs/CSOs to participate in the global environmental issues and civil society development in China, also helping the NGOs/CSOs to develop their capacity for sound nature resources management and sustainable livelihood.

Our Stories

New Ways to Conserve the Tibetan Forests

The Bazhu Village has been peacefully nested on the hillside of the Beng Bu Shen Ge Sacred mountain, beside the Jingshajiang River for decades. more 

Migrating Winter Birds: Charting a New Course for Biodiversity Conservation

Each year, as winter's chill settles over Shandong Province, 56 year-old farmer Yuan Xueshun puts down his work and braves the cold to circle around Rongcheng Lake in search of migrating Whooper Swans.more 

Green Watershed Awarded Equator Prize in Beijing

The Yunnan Green Watershed Management Research and Promotion Center was celebrated as a winner of the Equator Prize 2015 at a ceremony held in Beijing, in recognition of its outstanding contribution to environmental conservation, poverty reduction and climate action.more 

Upgrading Lifestyle for the Birds and People

With its unique grassland mountains and wetlands, Qinghai province provides the ideal shelter for many wildlife speciesmore 


The GEF Small Grants Programme

Established in 1992 as a corporate programme of the Global Environment Facility, the GEF Small Grants Programme is implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on behalf of the GEF partnership, and is executed by the United Nations Office for project Services (UNOPS).


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