Alternative Livelihoods and Renewable Energy

UNDP-CH-EE-Commercialising Clean TransportA fleet of fuel cell buses help the Ministry of Science and Technology promote an environmentally-friendly Olympics, providing transport at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

UNDP has been working in the field of livelihood improvements, climate change adaptation as well as promoting the use of renewable energy, as the issue of poverty, access to sustainable energy and environment degradation are often interlinked in the less-developed areas in China.

What we do?

Together with government partners, private sector and civil society, UNDP has been working on demonstrating sustainable approaches for livelihood improvement of vulnerable groups while restoring local environment through showcasing sustainable farming and water resources management. 

At the same time, this portfolio has also been working on promoting the development and wider adoption of renewable energy, especially biomass energy through public-private partnerships, to unleash the potentials of targeted poverty alleviation through development of biomass energy.

In order to mitigate climate change, UNDP China has also been engaged over a decade in introducing and promoting demonstration and commercialization of fuel cell vehicle technology, based on which an innovative umbrella programme,  China Hydrogen Economy Pilots, has been developed to facilitate a shift to a sustainable and low carbon pathway in China. 

Our Stories

Combating Climate Change: Commercializing Clean Transport

Since the 1990’s, China’s rapid growth has rested on the expansion of heavy industry and urbanisation. As the country’s economy surges and its middle class grows, pollution too has reached critical levels. more 

Improving Local Livelihoods by Protecting the Ningxia Desert

“The cold winds from the north and the west blew up the sands, and all you could see was sand – everywhere,” recounted Liu Zhanyou, the Village Chief of Liuyaotou, Ningxia. The desert-like Ningxia environment is known for its harsh living conditions, making everyday life difficult for local villagers like Liu En. more 

Our Projects

  • Hydrogen Economy Pilot in China

    To facilitate the hydrogen-powered economy, several barriers first need to be addressed. Currently there is a lack of economically-viable and environment-friendly methods to produce, store, and transport hydrogen; there is a need to expand the hydrogen refilling infrastructure and applications; more targeted policy and regulatory frameworks for hydrogen-based technical solution must be developed; and the public’s awareness and knowledge on hydrogen needs to be increased more 

  • Ningxia Anti-desertification and Livelihood Improvement

    The project is aimed to assist the efforts of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Regional Government to better manage the sand control initiatives and improve the livelihood of the selected dryland and desert affected regions of Ningxia. more 


Fuel Cell Vehicle Development in China

With rapid industrialization, urbanization and growth since the 1990s, China has become the world’s largest producer and consumer of energy, and the largest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHGs). These GHG emissions contribute to climate change, as well as severe air pollution that causes health problems around the country more 

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