Trilateral Cooperation Projects

Trilateral cooperation offers a unique approach to development where multiple actors join hands in promoting new, innovative solutions that build on international best practices and concrete experiences gained in other countries under a common goal of reducing poverty and enhancing mutual development benefits. For UNDP, trilateral cooperation is a core approach to South-South Cooperation, as reflected in the 2014-2017 Strategic Plan and the 2010 UNDP-China Memorandum of Understanding.

Our Projects

Since 2010, UNDP China has established a wide variety of trilateral cooperation initiatives focusing on poverty reduction in sectors such as agriculture (Cambodia), renewable energies (Ghana, Zambia, Burundi), and disaster management (Nepal, Bangladesh, Malawi). Some projects are run with the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) while others engage line ministries (Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology). Overall, trilateral cooperation projects with China are shaping a distinctive approach for sharing ideas, resources, and knowledge, drawing from China’s unique development path and valuable experience in lifting its own people out of extreme poverty.

UNDP-China Trilateral Cooperation

A snapshot of past, current and potential projects more

  • China-Cambodia-UNDP Trilateral Cooperation on Cassava

    To improve sustainable cassava production, UNDP has since 2011 worked with China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) and Cambodia’s Ministry of Agriculture to help small processors and exporters of cassava move up the value chain, increase their revenue and cassava export, and create jobs in the cassava sector.more 

  • China-Ghana-UNDP Trilateral Cooperation on Renewable Energy

    UNDP together with the national counterparts aim at showing concrete solutions for providing access to renewable energy solutions through enhanced investment and production of Renewable Energy Technologies. The project will operate both at the upstream level (supporting the creation of an enabling environment for technology transfer) and downstream level (actual transfer and demonstration of technologies with potential up scaling by the private sector).more 

  • China- Zambia-UNDP Trilateral Cooperation on Renewable Energy

    UNDP together with the national counterparts aim at showing concrete solutions for rural electrification in Zambia through technology transfer and South-South Cooperation. The project will involve a wide range of stakeholders, from the private sector to research institutions, and create communities of practice in the sphere of renewable energy in Zambia and China that will facilitate project implementation and continued cooperation beyond the project.more 

  • Sharing and Learning on Community Based Disaster Management in Asia (CBDM Asia)

    The Project is designed to strengthen regional cooperation and exchange on community based disaster management among countries affected by disasters in Asia. Being part of the UK-China Global Development Partnership Programme, the project strives to support resilience building via knowledge sharing and mutual learning between China and other Asian countries threatened by natural disasters, particularly Bangladesh and Nepal. more 

  • Malawi-China-UNDP Cooperation in Disaster Risk Management

    In 2016, the the Disaster Risk Reduction Small Grants Scheme (SGS) was launched by UNDP in collaboration with the governments of Malawi and China. The scheme aimed to facilitate knowledge sharing between China and Malawi on disaster risk reduction, and to develop disaster recovery capacity to deal with flooding. more 

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