• Trilateral cooperation offers a unique approach to development where multiple actors join hands in promoting new, innovative solutions that build on international best practices and concrete experiences gained in other countries under a common goal of reducing poverty and enhancing mutual development benefits. Since 2010, UNDP has been implementing seven trilateral cooperation projects together with China and other developing countries in the agriculture, renewable energy, and disaster management sectors.

  • Northeast Asia Regional Cooperation Programme

    The Tumen River Area Development Programme (TRADP) launched in 1991, now rebranded as the Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI), and has served as an intergovernmental platform for economic cooperation and exchange in the area.

  • Strengthening the Capacity of IPRCC  for South-South Cooperation

    Since 2005 onwards, with the support from UNDP and other partners, IPRCC has organized a series of training and global knowledge exchange initiatives on poverty reduction, benefiting 1305 participants from 96 countries, including Asia, Africa, South America, Oceania and four Central Asian countries.

  • Enhancing China-ASEAN Economic Integration: Cross-Border Economic Cooperation Zones at the China-Vietnam Border (CBEZ)

    The CBEZ project will foster China-ASEAN integration through enhanced understanding of cross-border economic cooperation zones, participation in the planning for and implementation of CBEZs.

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