Strengthening the Capacity of IPRCC for South-South Cooperation

The Challenge

Despite significant efforts made globally to achieve the poverty-related Millennium Development Goals, progress to date has been uneven across the developing world. While the world has experienced an increase in the number of people living in poverty, China, however, has achieved the most impressive results in reducing poverty, exemplified by the significantly reduced number of the poor and the nation-wide recorded medium range in the Human Development Index.

China’s outstanding record in reducing poverty has caught the attention of the entire world, particularly developing countries in the South. China’s extraordinary track record in poverty reduction suggests that how China has been transformed, in less than a generation, clearly needs to be better understood.

The Response

UNDP and the Chinese Government jointly launched a project to establish the International Poverty Reduction Centre (IPRCC), aiming to build a global hub of knowledge and information in poverty reduction. From 2005 to 2009, IPRCC has developed a commendable track-record for poverty reduction initiatives and events on ways to scale up poverty reduction.

A new project phase has been designed to further strengthen IPRCC institutional development and promote South-South cooperation for poverty reduction in other developing countries. This project aims to prioritize professionalization of the Centre with a strong international character to ensure that the objectives and practices of the centre meet international standards. Therefore, the mandate of disseminating China’s successful lessons and experiences in reducing poverty will be met through a greater focus on expanding and institutionalizing modalities and mechanisms for South-South cooperation.


Since 2005 onwards, with the support from UNDP and other partners, IPRCC has organized a series of training and global knowledge exchange initiatives on poverty reduction, benefiting 1305 participants from 96 countries, including Asia, Africa, South America, Oceania and four Central Asian countries.

Meanwhile, this project has facilitated capacity building and mutual study exchanges for Chinese officials from poverty reduction agencies. In this regard, a training workshop on international development theories and practices for senior officials from poverty reduction agencies working in China has been organized annually since 2008. The project has also supported Chinese poverty reduction officials to go abroad and learn good practices in other developing countries in the relevant fields.

The IPRCC has established substantive partnerships with a wide range of substantive entities, including UNDP/BDP and IPC in Brazil. IPRCC and UNDP have jointly established several important mechanisms for high-level dialogues and exchanges on South-South cooperation, such as the annual International Poverty Reduction Forum, the China-ASEAN Forum for Social Development and Poverty Reduction, and the China-Africa Poverty Reduction and Development Conference.

Who finances it?

Donor Amount
US$ 1,000,000
Government US$ 3,000,000
Other US$ 160,000

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