Strengthening the Effectiveness of the Wetland Protected Area (PA) System in Hubei Province

The Challenge

The wetlands in Hubei province provide refuge to a host of globally significant species, including freshwater porpoise, Pere David’s deer and hundreds of migratory bird species. Unfortunately, human activities have led to a drastic reduction in the size, ecological integrity and ecosystem services of Hubei’s globally significant wetlands.  The remaining wetlands are relegated to a few protected areas that remain highly vulnerable to both internal and external threats. Some barriers currently inhibiting the effectiveness of wetlands protected areas (PA) system are:

  • Limited integration of wetland ecosystem conservation in provincial structures and plans. 
  • Hubei province have limited experience in intra-basin ecosystem wetland management. Without a functioning mechanism, it is hard for Hubei to achieve their conservation objectives.
  • Wetland PA sites administration have limited tools and capacities to conserve the integrity of wetlands habitat and safeguard the globally significant species. 

The Response

The project seeks to strengthen the management effectiveness of the wetland PA system of Hubei province in response to the above mentioned barriers. Such objectives will be achieved through building capacity to identify and alleviate wetlands conservation threats at provincial level, water-basin level and protected area administration capacity level.

The sum of these outcomes will build an institutional and policy safety net that incorporates and coordinates conservation across three management tiers---basin, province and PA management.


The project will help clarify the institutional responsibilities on the provincial, basin and protected area level, and improve the protected area management schemes.  Through this project, the wetland protected areas will gain the necessary experience to tackle threats towards wetland ecosystem, effectively engaging multiple agencies in response to the threats. The project will help create the management framework on both provincial and basin level, which will help inform and predict the wetland PA conservation objectives.

By the end of the project, GEF investment will help promote a substantial shift in baseline resources.  Over 200,000 hectares of Hubei’s globally significant wetlands and associated species will enjoy the ecological benefits.

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