Strengthening Management Effectiveness of Wetland Protected Area (PA) System in Hainan for Conservation of Globally Significant Biodiversity

The Challenge

Hainan Island has the largest tropical rainforest area, mature mangrove and coral reef resources in China, and is one of the country’s most valuable areas for biodiversity conservation. However, the ecosystems of Hainan Island are facing threats from deforestation, coastal development and intense utilization of wetland resources. To increase the PA management effectiveness and strengthen the PA network in Hainan, three barriers must be tackled:

  • Insufficient PA coverage, operational financing and systemic and institutional capacity at provincial level
  • Limited tools and capacities for wetland PA site management with no integrated management planning system
  • Disconnect between wetland PA sub-system management and development planning and sector planning

The Response

The project will deliver three key outcomes to tackle the barriers identified above:

  • Enable the provincial government to conserve biodiversity more effectively, which will lead to the expansion, consolidation and strengthening of the provincial PA system
  • Bring about significant and rapid improvement to the management of Hainan’s mangrove PAs, which will result in the development of a mangrove PA network
  • Tackle the underlying causes of the external threats to PA system, which will help strengthen the PA system management framework


This project will secure global environmental benefits such as:

  • Secure additional 40,000 ha coverage of Hainan’s terrestrial PA with greater resilience
  • Improve coverage of under-represented areas and increase connectivity between PAs
  • Enhance management effectiveness in Hainan Mangrove PA network A 1,000 ha increase in PA system coverage of mangroves and increased representation of natural wetland types
  • Improve ecosystem health of Hainan mangrove PA sites

Along with the above mentioned global environment benefits, this project will contribute to provincial economy and bring ecological and social welfare of people in Hainan.

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