Research on Modelling for Flood Forecasting in Alpine Areas in Western China and its Demonstration Project

The Challenge

Xinjiang has long been plagued by floods. In recent years, the scope, frequency and damage of flooding in Xinjiang have increased and intensified due to the changing climate as well as socio-economical situation. Currently Xinjiang’s flood control system in terms of infrastructure and risk management is far from mature, particularly in the context of climate change and extreme weather. To address these constraints, the Chinese governments have attached great importance on flood and drought control and prioritized flood control as a major task of work. However, how to make effective early warning and preparedness prior to the disasters and protect hard-won results of development remains a serious challenge.

The Response

To respond to the flood risk, UNDP China has been making great efforts in the following aspects:
1. Improving surveillance and forecasting – to improve monitoring of hydrological information and establish a long-term model of surveillance technology and application
2. Enhancing snow-melting floods prevention capacities – to initiate snowmelt flood forecast model and improve the existing flood control system
3. Snow-melting floods emergency management capacity building – to promote training and application of forecasting model


The project constructed one alpine weather station and two hydrological monitoring stations in 2012, which can provide data on water and weather for flood forecast. Thanks to the stations and the data that the stations provide, the surveillance on snowmelt floods has been enhanced.

Moreover, the project has developed remote sensing acquisition and processing systems that can provide data in a timely manner, and enable the local governments and communities to predict snowmelt flood and its trends and to prepare for the risks.

To conclude, the project has enhanced the local capacities to forecast snowmelt floods, and thus reduced the risks and prevented human and economic losses.

Who finances it?

Donor Amount
UNDP US$ 80,000
Government US$ 458,500

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