Promoting Technology Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Rural Development in China and Other Developing Countries

The Challenge

China has made great achievements in its social and economical development at a very rapid rate. However this fast development has also created disparities, especially with regard to the development gap between its urban and rural development. Balancing urban and rural development and reducing this development gap is a very important task for China in sustaining its overall development. 

The Response

The Chinese Agriculture Technical Task Force (TTF) initiative is a Government of China programme supported by UNDP, representing a new model of agriculture extension services. The term “Technical Task Force,” or Keji Tepaiyuan in Chinese, refers to extension practitioners, often skilled technical personnel or professionals with entrepreneurial skills, who are selected to participate in developing more efficient enterprises at farm- and village-level, thereby helping farmers move out of poverty. This is a very successful model in China for rural poverty alleviation and agricultural industrialisation, from which many other developing countries are interested in learning. The key outcomes are as follows:

- Outcome 1: Developing a policy framework and institutional mechanism for sustainable TTF operations.

- Outcome 2: Building a TTF entrepreneurship demonstration base in Yangling as a hub for knowledge and experiences for better TTF development in China as well as in the world.

- Outcome 3: South-South cooperation with other Developing countries to promote sustainable rural development globally.


The UNDP Administrator and UNDP Associate Administrator have held high level policy dialogues with both the Minister and Vice Minister of China's Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) to strengthen our partnership in South-South cooperation with African countries in the field of agricultural development and renewable energy.

UNDP (China and Ethiopia) jointly organised a high level delegation from the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) in Ethiopia to visit China for in-depth discussions with MOST and MOA China for the South-South cooperation for agricultural development in Ethiopia. As a result, a new trilateral South-South cooperation mechanism was set in place to enhance cooperation between China and African countries through UNDP on agricultural development and poverty reduction with combination of technical support and market development.

This mechanism was win-win and mutual demand-driven, aiming at setting up a platform at both national and provincial level for entrepreneurs from both countries to work together on sustainable agricultural development and poverty reduction. Public Private Partnership was strengthened to promote potato plantation in arid and semi-arid regions in China for poverty alleviation and sustainable rural development through establishing alliances at the provincial level, workshops and technical support.

Who finances it?

500,000 USD
Government of China 1,850,000 USD

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