Priority Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Development to Implement the China Biodiversity Partnership and Framework for Action

The Challenge

China has a remarkably diverse biosphere, one of 12 “mega-biodiversities’ worldwide. However, rapid development has brought new threats to this biodiversity and species are in danger of extinction, depriving China of genetic resources.  Although China’s government attaches great importance to biodiversity conservation, significant steps are yet to be taken to address this issue. Problems include insufficient investment in biodiversity, inadequate management and scientific research and a lack of coherence and coordination between laws addressing natural resources. Past conservation support from international funding bodies has addressed spatial conservation priorities at sub-national level, rather than the systemic and institutional capacity needs evident at the national level.

The Response

This project has been designed to create the institutional framework and level of capacity required to address these issues. It will produce:

•    An institutionalised mechanism for a biodiversity conservation partnership;
•    A planning system and framework for biodiversity conservation;
•    The mainstreaming of biodiversity into China’s wider socio-economic development;
•    A mixed enabling framework for government and market based payments for ecological services;
•    The integration of biodiversity into climate change adaptation measures.


The project has taken steps to establish a biodiversity partnership in China, organising the “International Forum on Biodiversity and Green Development” in September 2012. The “Agreement on China Biodiversity Partnership and Framework for Action” and “Initiative on Business and Biodiversity” have been signed. The project has coordinated with other similar initiatives by organising two exchange meetings for nine projects under the CBPF framework, and created a CBPF website to promote inter project communication sharing.

A planning system for biodiversity conservation is also moving forward. Currently, pilots are running in three provinces and two sectors as part of efforts to design, test and then establish the planning system. Two exchange meetings for the creation of a provincial biodiversity conservation strategy and action plan have also taken place. A study has been conducted on the development of an indicator system for a national biodiversity conservation strategy and action plan, for Monitoring and Evaluation purposes.

Efforts to promote the mainstreaming of biodiversity conservation into other development work are ongoing. Workshops have been organised and advocacy work has brought the issue to policymakers’ attention. For wider education, promotional materials have been created and distributed, and most recently a 3rd training workshop was held on biodiversity conservation, targeting the media and NGOs.

Who finances it?

Donor Amount
UNDP US$ 6,000,000
GEF US$ 4,508,182
Italy(In-kind) US$ 180,000
Government US$ 9,000,000
TNC(In-kind) US$ 1,460,000
WWF(In-kind) US$ 1,600,000

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