Demonstration Project of Strengthening Dairy Food Safety by Managing Risks and Improving Critical Technology in Reclamation Area of Heilongjiang

The Challenge

In recent years, animal husbandry and dairy economy in Heilongjiang experience rapid development, however the industry suffers from inadequate food safety management and surveillance system, which are threatening the dairy industry.   Low education level of dairy farmers and workers also add further difficulties for adapting to new technologies and information. Furthermore, recent dairy product related scandals, in particularly, milk scandals have undermined the credibility and the confident of the industry, as well as have imposed a great concern on the health of consumers. 

The Response

To respond to dairy product safety in Heilongjiang, UNDP China has focused on three main areas: rural small-scale farmer trainings on scientific dairy production, nutrition and food safety, comprehensive demonstration of dairy food safety, and leadership training to encourage professional policy-making. Public campaigns have been organised to raise awareness on food safety among farmers, consumers and families particularly women and to encourage them to participate in demonstrations and training activities. At the leadership level, the project has set out key technologies and good management practices of safety dairy production model.


The project provided tailor-made trainings on dairy product safety practice and risk management technologies for 1917 practitioners in Heilongjiang Province, which have enhanced the participants’ knowledge and skills regarding cattle diseases prevention, cow breeding, and dairy product processing. Later, the safety awareness raising has been extended to consumers. In addition, study tour to New Zealand and Australia has enabled local practitioners to learn more advanced experiences and techniques regarding husbandry and veterinary.

In short, the project has improved the professionalism of dairy food development in reclamation area of Heilongjiang. Risk management has been incorporated into safety dairy production model and technical standards for safety diary production have been improved.

Who finances it?

Donor Amount
UNDP US$ 80,000
Government US$ 70,000

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