Strengthening the Management Effectiveness of the Sub-System of Wetland Protected Areas (PA) for Conservation of Globally Significant Biodiversity

The Challenge

Being one of the most important environments for human sustenance, wetlands are rich and serve as an ecologically diverse home for biodiversity. Together with forests and oceans, wetlands are identified as one of the world’s three most important ecosystems. Unfortunately, natural wetland areas in China have been shrinking at a rapid rate and a high proportion of species within China’s wetlands are listed as endangered. Three barriers that impede the effectiveness of wetland PA management were identified:

  • Insufficient systemic and institutional capacity at the national level
  • Disconnection between the wetland PA sub-system and development and sector planning
  • Insufficient awareness, knowledge and access to suitable information

The Response

This project will strengthen the sub-system of wetland protected areas in response to existing and accelerating threats to their globally significant biodiversity by delivering three key outcomes:

  • Strengthen wetland PA sub-system through better ecological representation and enhanced management capacity
  • Reduce external threats to wetland PAs by  mainstreaming wetland PA consideration in sector planning
  • Increase knowledge management, lessons sharing and awareness of wetland PAs


Some highlights of this project include:

  • Bringing an additional 615,400 ha of wetland under protection
  • Improving spatial design of the wetland PA sub-system
  • Enhanced wetland PA sub-system will improve the management of over 36.2 million ha of natural wetlands
  • Improving the management of the entire national PA system covering 143 million ha of natural wetlands
  • Enhancing conservation and management of key ecosystems, habitats and conservation alternatives for endangered animal and plant species


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