Strengthening the Management Effectiveness of the Protected Areas (PA) Network in Daxing’anling Landscape

The Challenge

The Daxing’anling Landscape encompasses a vast wilderness of cold temperate forest, un-tamed rivers and extensive wetlands, which support globally significant biodiversity and display distinctive forests and ecosystems. However, the biodiversity and ecosystem services of this area have been significantly degraded as a result of extensive and unsustainable logging since the 1950s. Three barriers hinder efficiency in biodiversity conservation:

  • Disconnect between PA planning and management, and regional development and sectorial planning process with insufficient coverage of PAs
  • Inadequate capacity and resources for PA network management and biodiversity conservation
  • Inadequate site level management capacity for biodiversity conservation

The Response

This project will strengthen the management effectiveness of PA and deal with the barriers identified above through the delivery of following key outcomes:

  • Develop a planning framework for the Daxing’anling Landscape to provide enabling environment for expanding the forest and wetland protected area network and mainstream biodiversity as an asset for sustainable development
  • Significantly strengthen the management effectiveness of the protected area network across the Daxing’anling landscape
  • Achieve and demonstrate effective protected area management in the Duobuku’er National Nature Reserve and the Genheyuan National Wetland Park



The global environmental benefits of the project are:  

  • Significant reduction in the threats to global biodiversity from incompatible activities
  • An additional 1.1 million ha of natural wetlands under formal protection
  • Improved PA management effectiveness, institutional capacity and financial sustainability

The project will mainstream biodiversity and the PA system into provincial socio-economic development priorities to avoid future conflicts and ensure long-term financial sustainability. It will also support effective planning, resourcing and management of an enhanced PA System. In addition as the project demonstrates the application of international best practices in PA management using  two demonstration sites, these approaches can be scaled up throughout the PA network

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