Low-Carbon Transformation

Taking Climate Action

China, the second largest economy in the world, has become the world’s largest energy producer and consumer. With its great dependency on fossil fuels, China is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases and has been seriously affected by air pollution.

UNDP works with key stakeholders in China, including the government and the public, to address environmental concerns in the country in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Establishing a low-carbon society is one of our key priorities in our efforts to address SDG 13: Climate Action.

To this end, we have worked with our partners to reduce CO2 emissions by increasing energy efficienty in the motor, lighting, and logistic industries. We have also supported the establishment of the largest emission trading scheme (ETS) market in the world. With UNDP's tailored policy and local implementation support, China has successfully scaled up ETS from 7 pilot sites to a nationwide system.


Programmes and Initiatives

Alternative Livlihoods and Renewable Energy
Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
Facilitating Economic Transformation and Sustainable Development
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Hydrogen Economy


1,527 Fuel Cell Vehicles were produced in 2018 across multiple sites in China including 9 new cities.

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