Report on the Sustainable Development of Chinese Private-Owned Enterprises along the Belt and Road

23 Apr 2019

Private-Owned Enterprises (POEs), representing the vast majority of China’s economy, are expanding their global presence and shouldering more responsibilities in implementing and promoting the global development agenda under the Belt and Road Initiative. Through an analysis of 727 corporate questionnaires, and 55 face-to-face interviews with companies and stakeholders across 9 countries, the report intends to address the following questions:

  • In the context of sustainable development and the Belt and Road Initiative, why should Chinese POEs pay more attention to overseas sustainable development? What roles do Chinese POEs play? What are the potential opportunities and challenges?
  • In which fields have Chinese POEs carried out sustainable development practices in overseas operations? And in which areas do challenges still persist?
  • What international standards and regulations can help Chinese POEs identify potential risks in sustainable development, and develop relevant strategies and actions?
  • What measures should be taken by key stakeholders such as the Chinese government, governments in host countries, Chinese POEs, and international organisations, to jointly support the sustainable development of Chinese POEs overseas, thereby contributing towards the integrated and balanced development of society, economy, and environment?

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