Innovation and Practice of China's Agricultural Assistance

29 Oct 2018

This study aims to examine China’s agriculture assistance under the framework of South-South Cooperation by looking into specific cases. China-Mozambique Agricultural Technology Demonstration Centre (ATDC) was selected as the case study. The study finds: i) ATDC succeed in introducing new agricultural technologies and crop varieties that fit local conditions; ii) ATDC established partnerships across multiple stakeholders; iii) ATDC contributed to poverty reduction, and food security in the country. Featuring both marketization and a platform that integrates investment and development assistance, the “Construction-Technical Cooperation-Commercial Operation” model is used as an innovative attempt to enhance long-term sustainability of China’s agricultural assistance projects. The case study also recommends  that i) the center could play a more active role in  establishing  channels for exchange and cooperation with the international community  to promote  mutual learning and coordination; ii) the center could continue to explore ways to effectively combine developmental assistance with investment activities that support the upgrading of developing agricultural sectors.


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