Rebalancing Global Economic Governance - Opportunities for China and the G20 beyond 2015

In October 2014, a number of Chinese and International experts gathered together in Beijing to discuss global economic governance and financing for development issues within the Post-2015 Agenda framework. This report has been drafted in light of those discussions and is based on some of the main proposals raised by participants.

Overall, the top message through the report is that prioritising development – in all its initiatives but particularly the 2016 G20 presidency – could offer a useful way for China to strengthen its political and economic role at the international level. China could do so by focusing on one or more specific priorities both at the Leader’s Summit and the DWG. For instance, boosting the economy while investing in infrastructure and sustainable business; enhancing green growth; fostering innovation; and several more as outlined in the graphic below.

There will be many more recommendations from others and perhaps even more detailed than those presented here, but for now it is hoped that these recommendations will be timely, useful and actionable for all stakeholders, and that China’s leaders, as well as others around the globe, will use the findings actively to help eradicate poverty and promote sustainable development in the coming decades.

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