Building a shared vision for the BRI and the SDGs

22 Feb 2017

Scoping Paper II for 2016 High-level Policy Forum on Global Governance “Belt and Road”: A New Path to Regional Development

Asia is one the most prosperous region in today’s world in terms of economic outlook, yet remains to be highly heterogeneous with regards to socio-economic development. The scoping paper aims to show that Belt and Road Initiative could be an effective framework in delivering sustainable development by driving economic growth and producing spillover effects in public welfare. Through the BRI, more comprehensive, integrated regional plans will be developed that are fully aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It explains how infrastructure investment could be an effective means to achieve BRI five priority areas, and also to promote win-win outcomes for both China and other participating countries. The paper highlights a series of important early-stage results achieved, and major challenges and risks facing the implementation of the BRI.


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