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Achievements and Experiences of China's Agricultural Assistance

Achievements and Experience of China's Agricultural Assistance

Oct 29, 2018

This study aims to examine China’s agriculture assistance under the framework of South-South Cooperation by looking into specific cases. China- Guinea-Bissau Agricultural Technical Cooperation Projects (ATCP) was selected as the case study.  The study finds: i) China-Guinea-Bissau ATCP contributed to agricultural technology development and led to an improvement in technological capacity and mechanization in Guinea-Bissau of participated farmers; ii) the project identified and extended rice varieties suitable for the local environment through years of breeding refinements, which contributed to hunger reduction and food security in Guinea-Bissau; iii) the ATCP has achieved visible results in capacity building and raising the status of women. The case study also recommends that i) the ATCP and other Chinese agricultural cooperation projects should strengthen their exchanges, communications and cooperation with other partners, including national and international stakeholder; ii) strengthen the approach towards systematic planning with relevant stakeholders in order to stimulate longer term impact and synergies.


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