International Development Evaluation: China’s Approach and Trends

17 Dec 2014

China’s experience and progress in international development evaluation is critical. On one hand, as China emerges as one of the major SSC providers over the decade, lessons are increasingly drawn from other development partners’ experiences to inform future approaches of China. On the other hand, China’s approach to evaluation and current initiatives offer important lessons for the broader development community in terms of measuring the diverse nature of SSC. Written by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) China, this discussion paper builds on the UNDP study of DAC and SSC providers’ approaches to evaluation, and analyzes China’s current evaluation practices and emerging trends, in particular the significant steps taken by China through the December 15th 2014 Measures for the Administration of Foreign Aid. The discussion paper offers UNDP China's perspective on the role of DAC and SSC providers’ approaches to evaluation as an integral part of the continuous global efforts to enhance knowledge management and ensure real pro-poor impact.

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