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Issue Brief: China's Climate Policy Documents - 1+N and Updated NDC

Dec 21, 2021

Five main documents related to China’s climate and environmental policy were released ahead of COP26, including the 1+N policy system for carbon peaking and carbon neutrality and the updated Nationally Determined Contributions.

In this brief, we take a first look at these key policy documents. They build on recent climate pledges adding valuable details and clarifications. The wide range of areas and scope covered is noteworthy and welcome. We highlight two areas for further reflection. Firstly, the possible need for more front-loaded and ambitious actions to keep the possibility of meeting the 1.5C target of the Paris Agreement alive. Secondly, further details on additional or effective reallocation of financing resources to accelerate the low carbon transition.

Overall, the 1+N, together with the upcoming sectoral action plans, provides China with a concrete roadmap for its 2030 and 2060 climate goals.

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