The Policy and Legal Environments Related to HIV Services in China: Review and Consultation

19 Jan 2016

This report is based on a number of national consultations to review and strengthen legal and regulatory environments for HIV in China through a national participatory process.


While the HIV epidemic has become one of the greatest public health challenges of our time, it is now evident that it is also a crisis of law and social justice. Notwithstanding years of substantial investments and political commitment by the Government, the HIV epidemic in China continues to increase. China is among 15 countries that account for the majority of new infections as well as total number of people living with HIV globally. For this reason, it remains a top priority country for the UN Joint Programme on AIDS. We will not end AIDS globally if we do not make progress in China. And we will not make progress in China if we don’t start looking at the social determinants of health and HIV infections, including the law.


We hope this report and the national consultations based upon it will start a needed conversation about practical steps for China to take to translate international and regional commitments into action. Only in this way will China support the world in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. 

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