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Changing climate change

China’s development in recent decades has seen impressive reductions in poverty and great improvement in other key indicators. However, this rapid growth has come at a cost, which has left China’s environment in poor shape and its consumption patterns unsustainable from an ecological perspective. Unless urgent action is taken, environmental degradation has the potential to negatively affect China’s hard-won development gains.

Renewables. Green development. Preparedness

UNDP works with key stakeholders in China, including the government and the public, to address environmental concerns in the country in line with the recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), China’s 13th Five-Year Plan while also fulfill its commitment towards multi-lateral environment agreement. Under the Energy & Environment focus area, the Country Office has ran portfolios including Biodiversity Conservation; Climate Change Mitigation; Montreal Protocol; Chemicals and POPs Management; Alternative Livelihoods & Renewable Energy; and the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme.Find Out About the Environment and Energy Portfolios >

Programmes and Initiatives

Montreal Protocol, Chemicals and POPs Management
Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
Biodiversity Conservation
Alternative Livelihoods and Renewable Energy

45,200 people

Have improved livelihoods

Water conservation efforts in Dahuangbawa area have significantly benefited locals. The area can now replenish 10 million m2 of water per year, improving the local water supply and better livelihoods for fishermen.

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