Designing A Fairer Future: Why Women In Tech Are Key To A More Equal World

Technology has no gender, and it is fundamental to every aspect of our lives, today and tomorrow. Yet too often, women are under-represented in tech –…

Working Together to Protect Biodiversity

Humanity has only one home – the earth. But it isn’t ours exclusively. We share our beautiful planet – this stunning blue marble – with millions of other species and our existence is intertwined with…  

Gender Equality Today for a Better Tomorrow

For millennia, "Mother Nature" has personified our planet. Rooted in ancient philosophy from around the world, she reflects Earth's ability to give-and nurture-life.  

Obstacles and Opportunities: The Pathway to Net-Zero for the Private Sector in China

More and more enterprises in China are welcoming the idea of integrating sustainability into the heart of their business strategy. In mid-2021, UNDP conducted a survey of 117 enterprises…  

Energy evolution or extinction

As COP 26 draws to a close, humanity stands at a critical crossroads. The path we have travelled until now cannot continue much further, for it ends in extinction for millions of species-and,…  

Why Humanity Must Save Nature To Save Itself

Our planet – the only home we have – is at breaking point. Two thirds of our earth’s oceans and three quarters of its land have been damaged by humans. One million species could vanish by 2050 –…  

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