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UNV-BVF-CICETE Phase III Conference(2017)

In China, UNV is the key UN organization working on volunteerism for development.  As a member of the UN China Sub-Group on Youth, it liaises with other UN agencies to advance youth development in China. UNV China also has developed a strong partnership with Chinese government such as Beijing Volunteer Service Federation(BVF) and China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges (CICETE). This UNV-BVF-CICETE collaboration project iscreating opportunities for Chinese youth to volunteering internationally, developing the capacity building of Chinese VIOs, facilitating the international multilateral cooperation mechanism, and promoting Chinese influence on international volunteerism. 

UNV China has been cooperating with BVF and CICETE for 10 years since 2007.This collaboration consists of three projects with significant outcomes. The first project on Strengthening Volunteerism for Development in China through the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games was launched in 2007, it has raised Chinese volunteer infrastructure and expanded public participation. On August 2011, the Umbrella Programme on Strengthening Civic Engagement and Social Innovations through Volunteerism for Development in China was launched as the second project. The Umbrella Programme has identified the challenges of promoting volunteerism for sustainable development in China and laid down corresponding strategies. The third collaboration aims at creating opportunities for Chinese Volunteer Involving Organizations (VIOs) to engage in regional and international cooperation following the principles of South-South cooperation and sustainable development is launched at 2016.

These three cooperation projects are jointly launched by UNV, UNDP, BVF and CICETE. They are the models for cooperation between international organizations and local governments in voluntary service areas. Please download the project report for more information.

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