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Youth UNV YANG Ge (right) and Assistant Administrator and Director, Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific Mr. Haoliang Xu(left)(UNV Region Office-Asia and the Pacific,2016)


The UN Youth Volunteers Programme is a new initiative which aims to facilitate the engagement of university students in global peace and sustainable human development through volunteerism, bringing the voice of youth into the development discourse and helping young people to realize their full social, economic and human potential. UN Youth University Volunteers contribute in a meaningful way to the work of the United Nations, supporting field offices and headquarters on a range of programmes and projects related to food security, peacebuilding, women’s rights, climate change adaptation, and other global issues.

Since 2004, 67 student volunteers from Japan and 277 student volunteers from Spain have participated. Since 2015, 23 student volunteers from Hong Kong SAR have served on 6-month assignments throughout SE Asia.

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Key Points:     

  • 6-month assignments for undergraduate students and 12-month assignments for graduate students.
  • UN Youth University Volunteers are aged 18 to 29.
  • One partner university in a country acts as a focal point, recruiting students from their own institution, as well as from a range of other universities, and providing pre-departure training.
  • Assignments take place in UN programme countries and at headquarters and UN Youth University Volunteers are hosted by UN entities.
  • Specific posts are identified in consultation with various UN agencies within the frameworks of the UNDAF in a given country and UNV’s Strategic Framework 2014-2017.
  • UN Youth Volunteers engage in support, knowledge management, communications, programme support and other activities, gaining valuable work skills in a UN setting.

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