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Serving as an International Volunteer Specialist

International UNV Yalin Wu(second from right(UNDP Myanmar Office, 2016)


International UNV volunteers serve in countries other than their own. They are recruited for specialized inputs to development programmes, and increasingly, in the areas of peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance and UN-supported electoral processes. The UNV programme maintains a roster of candidates with relevant experience in these sectors. It covers more than 100 professional categories including, for example, programme/project development, administration, communications, community development, demobilization and reintegration, disaster prevention, humanitarian and civil affairs, engineering, environment, HIV/AIDS, medicine, human rights, logistics and election support.

What is provided to an International UN Volunteer?

  • Settling-in-Grant calculated on the duration of assignment which is paid at the beginning of the assignment;
  • Volunteer Living Allowance (VLA) intended to cover basic living expenses, which is paid each month;
  • Travel on appointment and at the end of assignment, if different than home location;
  • Life, health and permanent disability insurance;
  • Annual leave;
  • Resettlement allowance calculated based on the duration of assignment which is paid upon satisfactory completion of the assignment.


  1. University degree or higher technical diplomas;
  2. Several years of relevant working experience;
  3. At least age 25 (no maximum age limit);
  4. Good working knowledge in at least one of the three working UN languages: English, French and Spanish;
  5. Strong commitment to values and principles of volunteerism;
  6. Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment;
  7. Ability to adjust in difficult living conditions;
  8. Strong interpersonal and organisational skills;
  9. Prior volunteering and/or working experience in a developing country is an asset.

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