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Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)

UNDP also engages with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) at various levels, as partners in advocacy and implementation. These partnerships are essential in ensuring a nexus between national policies and local communities. An essential component to good governance, accountability, and national ownership of development programmes, civil society is becoming increasingly influential in the policy making arena. Where possible UNDP engages with CSOs for advocacy and service delivery while providing assistance to develop and strengthen the organizations themselves.

We work with:

  • China Women's Development Foundation
  • Peace and Development Foundation
  • All-China Women’s Federation
  • All-China Lawyers Association
  • All China Environmental Federation
  • Beijing Huizeren Human Service Centre
  • Beijing Zhicheng Legal Aid Station
  • China Association for NGO Cooperation
  • China Development Brief
  • China Law Society
  • China Legal Aid Foundation
  • China Volunteer Association
  • Yunnan Daytop Drug Rehabilitation Centre
  • Beijing Gender Health Education Institute
  • Zeshan Foundation

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