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Country Programme Document for China 2016-2020

This document provides an overview of UNDP China's Country Programme for 2016-2020, including:

  1. Programme Rationale
  2. Programme Priorties and Partnerships
  3. Programme and Risk Management
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation

UNDAF Action Plan 2016-2020

The UNDAF provides a clear strategic direction for the UN system in China to support China over 2016-2020 in three priority areas: 

  1. Poverty Reduction and Equitable Development – The aim is to help more people, particularly the vulnerable and disadvantaged, to enjoy improved living conditions and increased opportunities for economic, social and cultural development. 
  2. Proved and Sustainable Environment – The aim is for more people to enjoy a cleaner, healthier and safer environment as a result of improved environmental protec-tion and sustainable green growth.
  3. Enhanced Global Engagement – The aim is to contribute to the effectiveness of Chi-na’s engagement in international cooperation for the mutual benefit of China and the world.


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