• China’s Commitments to Climate Change are the Most Ambitious Ever Sep 7, 2016

    By Agi Veres- The recent events in Paris have been heavily broadcast around the world, with all nations– including China – coming together to offer their support and condolences to the victims in France. However, these unfortunate circumstances in Paris are not the only event in France that will make history this year.

  • FOCAC – A Special Means to Support Africa’s Development Priorities Sep 7, 2016

    By Agi Veres- Having lived in Africa for four years, I have come across various Chinese people and businesses in the continent, from large enterprises to the owners of small shops in the middle of nowhere working hard to make ends meet.

  • Addressing Land Degradation: An Unexpected Opportunity Sep 7, 2016

    By Agi Veres- Land, an incredibly valuable, yet vulnerable resource. It is vital for producing food, preserving biodiversity, facilitating the natural management of water systems and acting as a carbon store. While we all enjoy the prosperity brought by economic, social and technological development, the land that much of our livelihood depends on is degrading, and fast

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