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  • 18 Feb 2012
    Support for Ethnic Women's Entrepreneurship Partnership gains momentum

    Efforts to help ethnic minority women living in poor rural communities start their own small businesses gained overwhelming support from more than 12,000 participants at the Mary Kay Cosmetics China Leadership Meeting in Macao.

  • 10 Feb 2012
    Civil Society Organisations make further breakthrough in environment rights protection

    Following some major breakthroughs in the promotion of environmental rights, a joint press briefing was organised by the UNDP and the All-China Environment Federation (ACEF) on 10 February 2012, in Beijing.

  • 03 Feb 2012
    Deadline extended: Asia-Pacific Cartoon Contest on Climate Change and Human Development

    The deadline for submissions to the Asia-Pacific Cartoon Contest on Climate Change and Human Development has been extended, and the call for submissions for the cartoon contest will now run until February 21st 2012.

  • 08 Jan 2012
    Local Governance Innovation and Excellence Recognised at Award Ceremony

    As China continues to progress towards its vision of creating a equitable and harmonious Xiaokang society, Ms. Silvia Morimoto, UNDP Deputy Country Director, attended the 6th Innovations and Excellence in Chinese Local Governance Award Ceremony on 8 January 2012.

  • 27 Dec 2011
    China-Cambodia-UNDP Trilateral Cooperation Pilot

    On 27 December 2011, UNDP and the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) launched a pioneering joint pilot initiative with the Government of Cambodia. More than 30 participants took part in a three-week training course on cassava cultivation techniques, under an initiative established as part of a Memorandum of Understanding between UNDP and China to promote South-South Cooperation.

  • 23 Dec 2011
    China and UNDP Extend Technical Services to Sri Lanka

    In conjunction with UNDP's efforts to promote South-South Cooperation and export its highly successful Technical Task Force (TTF) model to other developing countries around the world, UNDP China and UNDP Sri Lanka came together to organise a high-level overseas mission for the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and arranged in-depth dialogue sessions with the Sri Lankan Government on 18-23 December 2011.

  • 16 Dec 2011
    China’s Young Migrants Receive Support from MDG Achievement Fund

    ollowing sustained efforts to support the government's implementation of relevant policies designed to protect the interests of migrant workers, a closing symposium was held by the UN System in China on 15-16 December 2011, to celebrate achievements made during a joint three-year programme under the Millennium Development Goal Achievement Fund's Youth, Employment and Migration initiative.

  • 14 Dec 2011
    Emerging Economies Forum on Development Models

    Jointly organised by UNDP, Renmin University and Lingnan University, an international forum on "South-South Sustainability" was held in Hong Kong on 12-14 December 2011.

  • 12 Dec 2011
    UNDP Assists in First Public Interest Litigation Case on Release of Information

    n a major breakthrough of promoting government information disclosure and transparency in China through judicial review in China, UNDP-supported All-China Environment Federation (ACEF) have successfully won the first public interest lawsuit of its kind in China.

  • 09 Dec 2011
    UNDP Co-Sponsors China’s First Food Safety Law Summit, Beijing

    On 9 December, Ms. Renata Dessallien, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative, joined Mr. Li Jianguo, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the National People’s Congress; Mr. Luo Haocai, Vice Chairman of the 10th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference; Mr. Chen Jiping, Secretary-General, CPC Committee of China Law Society and Mr. Zhang Yong, Director, Food Safety Law Office of the State Council, in addressing a crowd of senior party, government and academic leaders at China’s First Food Safety Law Summit sponsored by China Law Society in Beijing.

  • 05 Dec 2011
    UNDP Showcases the Establishment of China's First National Climate Change Think-Tank at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP17) in Durban

    In the midst of the United Nations Climate Change Forum in Durban, South Africa, a side event was held on 5 December 2011 to showcase the newly formed National Climate Change Strategy Research and International Cooperation Centre (NCSC). The NCSC is the first national level think-tank of its kind in China and has been heralded as a crucial breakthrough in the fight against climate change. As a platform for building partnerships and promoting the sustainable consumption of China’s dwindling natural resources, this event was attended by UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative, Ms. Renata Dessallien; Vice Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission and Head of the China Delegation to Durban, Mr. Xie Zhenhua; and Director General, Department of Personnel for the National Development and Reform Commission, Mr. Sun Lin.

  • 05 Dec 2011
    UNDP and NDRC Co-host a Side-Event on Green and Low Carbon Development at COP17

    At an official side event held on 5 December 2011 at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa, leaders from China’s National Development Reform Commission (NDRC) and United Nations Development Programme gathered together to discuss China’s approach to climate change. More specifically, the agenda of this high level meeting focused on China’s policies and action plans to promote green and low carbon development, including fossil fuel consumption, carbon trading, and addressing the consequences of unbalance growth, as identified by its most recent 12th Five-Year Plan.

  • 04 Dec 2011
    Beijing Forum on the Harmony of Civilisation

    The 2011 Beijing Forum was held on 4-6 November 2011, with the theme of "The Harmony of Civilisations and Prosperity for All – Tradition and Modernity, Transition and Transformation". As a global platform for finding solutions to human development issues, the forum's 500 participants, including Ms. Renata Dessallien, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative, and senior government leaders and experts from around the world, came together to discuss how to enhance academic development and social progress across the world.

  • 03 Dec 2011
    UNDP China Deputy Country Director Encourages Investing in Women Entrepreneurs, Beijing

    At the China Association of Women Entrepreneurs International Forum held at the Beijing Wanshou Hotel on 3 Dec, Ms. Silvia Morimoto, UNDP China Deputy Country Director, joined Madam Gu Xiulian, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the 10th National People’s Congress, in addressing more than 300 women business and government leaders on the topic of women and economics. Ms. Morimoto reminded the participants that women are uniquely positioned to have the greatest impact on future economic growth, as well as, on the sustainability of our environment.

  • 02 Dec 2011
    Message from Xinhua News Agency President Li Congjun: Poverty Eradication: Media Should Do More

    This photo, taken in Sudan in 1993 by South African photojournalist Kevin Carter, offers a true look at famine, with the rapacious bird symbolizing poverty that is devouring the weak and helpless. The image has haunted me like a nightmare since the first sight and loomed larger than ever as I co-chaired, with Ms. Helen Clark, Administrator of United Nations Development Program (UNDP), "Zoom-in on Poverty Global Photo Contest".

  • 01 Dec 2011
    30th anniversary of UNV in China introduction

    Following 30 years of successful operations in China, which has seen million of volunteers come out in support of major international events, such as the 2008 Beijing Olympics and countless charitable organisations around the country, Mr. Napoleon Navarro, UNDP Deputy Country Director, and Mr. Timothy Sutton, United Nations International Children's Education Fund Deputy Representative in China, joined members of the United Nations Volunteers (UNV), at a celebratory event held on 1 December 2011.

  • 28 Nov 2011
    UNDP Helps Inaugurate the 2011 China Global Compact, Beijing

    At an inaugural ceremony for the 2011 China Global Compact held on 28 November, UNDP China Deputy Country Director Silvia Morimoto congratulated the compact on its successes since its initial formation in 2009. Morimoto said, “The Global Compact is significant for the size of its membership (hundreds of the largest companies in China), and especially in its purpose and its commitment.”

  • 24 Nov 2011
    UNDP China Deputy Country Director Serves on International Panel at the 2011 China International Chamber of Commerce for the Private Sector’s International Forum, Beijing

    In a programme moderated by CCTV2’s Mr. Chen Weihong, UNDP China Deputy Country Director Silvia Morimoto discussed the importance of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. “Socially responsible business practices can build trust, overcome conflict, and open up the prospects for long term economic relations,” Morimoto said.

  • 22 Nov 2011
    UNDP China Country Director Christophe Bahuet Addresses Participants at Meeting on Sustainable Development and Enterprise Competitiveness, Beijing

    At the the First Annual Meeting on Sustainable Development and Enterprise Competitiveness held in Beijing on 22 November, Mr. Christophe Bahuet, UNDP China Country Director, welcomed the participants and recognized the importance of such gatherings.

  • 09 Nov 2011
    UN Resident Coordinator Renata Dessallien Addresses International Green Technology Forum in Guangzhou

    On 21 November, UN Deputy Country Director Silvia Morimoto addressed an international gathering of government leaders and scientists who are in Beijing for a 21-day programme titled Seminar on Green Development and Climate Change. 100 participants attended the opening ceremony, including 70 from international organizations, embassies in Beijing, and the developing world (29 countries of from Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia and 26 small island states).