Draw the Beauty of the Wetland

Jul 8, 2016


July 3, Hainan The 2016 Hainan Natural Journal Contest, themed  “Unveiling the wetlands”, is officially launched today in Haikou city, Hainan Province.  With the goal to enhance the public’s understanding and knowledge about wetlands, the United Nations Development Programme-Global Environment Facility (GEF) Hainan Wetland Project co-hosted this contest together with Squirrel School, a local NGO working on environment education for public.

At the opening ceremony, Dr. Zhou Yadong, Deputy National Project Director of the UNDP-GEF Hainan Project, delivered a lecture on the Culture of Rain Forests. By introducing the concept, function and features of rain forest, he helped the participants gain a better understanding about the importance of protecting the rain forest, wetlands and biodiversity.

Wetlands, often referred to as the Earth’s Kidneys, absorb and filter waste and pollutants from sewage and purify the water. They also help reduce soil erosion, control flooding as well as mitigate climates.  With abundant vegetation and water, wetlands provide diverse habitats for wildlife, therefore, they are some of the most biologically productive natural systems in the world.

Hainan Province possess abundant wetland resources, as the wetland covers 14 percent of the island. As a way to capture life in the wetland, this natural journal contest  encourages the public to take a closer look at the wetlands and the life growing and thriving in them and also helps them reflect on what they have seen during the process.

UNDP has been working together with Hainan Forestry Department and Dongzhaigang Nature Reserve since 2013 on the GEF “Strengthening Management Effectiveness of Wetland Protected Area (PA) System in Hainan for Conservation of Globally Significant Biodiversity” project, with the goal to strengthen the management effectiveness of wetland protected area system in Hainan. The projects have initiated a series of activities to raising the public’s awareness on wildlife protection, to tackle the issues faced by the biodiversity and ecosystem protection in Hainan Province, which in return promote the development of provincial economy, bringing ecological and social benefits to local residents.

Natural journal on Rain Forest’s Function (Provided By Squirrel School)
natural journal on Forest History ( Provided by Squirrel School)
Lecture given by Zhou Yadong on Culture of Rain Forest

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