UNDP China Releases Pioneering Study on China’s South-south Cooperation on Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Apr 22, 2016

China’s South-South Cooperation on Climate Change- An Introduction to UNDP’s Report More Money, More Impact China’s Climate Change South-South Cooperation to Date and Future Trends

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With a record number of countries preparing to sign the Paris Agreement today at a high-level meeting at UN Headquarters in New York, UNDP China is pleased to share its report: More money, more impact? China’s Climate Change South-South Cooperation to date and future trends. South-South cooperation is an increasingly crucial component in tackling climate change and China is taking a leading role in helping other developing countries to ensure that their commitments made in the Paris Agreement can be met.

This research paper provides an overview of the historic development and current state of China’s South-South cooperation on mitigating and adapting to climate change. Based on the findings of a global survey and interviews, it considers and analyzes the experiences, needs and priorities of China’s partner countries and how China could support other developing countries in the future. Futhermore, this paper offers a number of recommendations for overall principles of China’s climate change South-South cooperation including the following:

· To focus on priority areas identified by developing countries, namely adaptation, agriculture, disaster risk reduction and preparedness, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and education and public awareness;

· To utilize and build upon the comparative advantages of China’s approach to South-South cooperation on climate change , specifically non-bureaucratic and unconditional provision of support, simplified approval procedures and efficiency in delivery of support;

· To enhance developing countries' understanding of the types of support offered by China to showcase opportunities for collaboration;

· To foster the effective engagement of local counterparts in project implementation to ensure long term sustainability of interventions;

· To expand trilateral cooperation with bilateral cooperation agencies and intergovernmental organizations to amplify available expertise;

· To increase coordination on and coherence among Chinese government entities.

This study will contribute to the understanding of the international community on the unique added value of China’s climate change South-South cooperation and support the United Nations system in determining possibilities for enhancing existing and creating new partnerships with China in this area. 

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