LED Bulbs: Working Towards a Green UNDP China Office

Jun 10, 2014

Mr. Christophe Bahuet, Country Director of UNDP China (left) and Xie Ji from National Development and Reform Commission (right) shake hands after installing a LED bulb

On June 10th 2014, UNDP China office successfully committed to installing energy-saving bulbs in all UNDP buildings during an event called “Energy Conservation & Low Carbon – UNDP is Acting” at the UNDP compound. UNDP took a step in the right direction by changing its light bulbs to energy-efficient ones.

The event was in response to the UN Secretary-General’s meeting with Mr. Wu Xinxiong, Director-General (DG) of the National Energy Administration (NEA) on the Sustainable Energy for All initiative. In addition, the event contributed to China’s Energy-Saving Week and Low-Carbon Day, further promoting green initiatives and shaping our working environment and life style towards more energy conservative and low carbon behaviors.

The energy conservation event was attended by six DG-level government officials from related ministries or governmental agencies. Mr. Christophe Bahuet, Country Director of UNDP China opened with a welcome speech, followed by the replacement of a regular bulb with a Light Emitting Diode (LED) energy-saving bulb. Joining Mr. Bahuet in this act was DDG Xie Ji from National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).

Gradually, all lamp bulbs in the UNDP China office will be changed. LED bulbs will be installed throughout the building as they are more energy efficient and better for the environment. LEDs have no mercury pollutant elements. This is one more step towards a Green UNDP office in China.

For further progress, UNDP is engaging with the Chinese government on a low carbon development path, providing policy support and technical assistance for sustainable development. Through the successful event, UNDP and the Chinese government have promoted simple life style changes in turn strengthening partnerships and exploring new opportunities.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said it best after the signing ceremony of 2009 Green Lights Project in China, “by changing a light bulb, and changing our mindset, we can change the world.”

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