Delegates Recruitment: Model United Nations Conference for High School Students

Jun 27, 2014

Calling all delegates! The Model United Nations Conference for High School Students, held by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), is now recruiting. Experience the excitement and learn the skills of international debate and discussion in a lively and stimulating environment.

This is a rare and valuable opportunity to experience an atmosphere and event which few people get to attend. Broaden your mind and raise your game at an international platform and discover your potential to change the world. Apply for a space at the model United Nations today!

All 300 delegates will receive specialist training under the guidance of United Nations staff in the first three days of the conference, followed by formal participation in the last three days. To provide a truly realistic and immersive experience for all attendees, the conference will feature in-depth discussions over core issues. In addition, the committee’s academic team will be available to coach the delegates online so bring your enthusiasm and interest in world matters to help make this a great conference.

1.     Conference Information

Title: 2014 China UN-MUN for High School Students

Time: 9th to 14th August, 2014

Venue: Beijing Language and Culture University

Organizers: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) China

Cost: FREE! Free to join and with meals provided! Stay with friends or family in Beijing or avail yourself of the accommodation arranged by UNDP at around 250 RMB per night for a double room.

2.     Committees

As mentioned above, in order to make this event as realistic as possible we will follow the prescribed procedures of the United Nations and host in-depth discussions over the most representative issues. The archetype for this conference is the UN General Assembly and will thus be constituted of four subordinate committees. The plenary session will also be introduced so participants can obtain a clear and detailed overview of the whole process.

Please follow our updates regularly for more information on the background and relevant topics of the committees.

3.     Qualifications

·Excellent High School Students, keen to learn and try new things

·Fluency in English and confidence in public speaking a must – no shyness on the world stage

·Enthusiasm for the academic and formal atmosphere of the MUN

·Willingness to make new friends and possessed of good team-work spirit

·Commitment to academic training and ability to complete training assignments on time

4.     Positions of Participants

Whatever your passion, all interested high school students are eligible for this exciting MUN Conference, with two different positions open for application:

The first is that of delegate, namely the representative of a certain member state of United Nations. Aim for lively and passionate debate about the issues that affect the world most!

The second position is that of student leader, including Secretary General (SG), Assistant Secretary General (ASG), Secretary, President, Vice President, Chair, Vice Chair, rapporteur, etc. Maintain order and ensure a smooth conference for all involved.

Notice: Applicants can apply for both delegate and student leader simultaneously; however, they are not allowed to hold a concurrent post. If the applicant is admitted to both positions then they must choose one only.

Applicants should carefully fill out the correct form, as those for delegates and student leaders are different.

Please refer to the descriptions of the student leader positions for more detailed information.

5.     Schedule



9th Aug.

Registration, Training

10th Aug.


11th Aug.

Training; Opening Ceremony; Plenary Session

12th Aug.

Committee Sessions

13th Aug.

Committee Sessions; Social Night

14th Aug.

Committee sessions; Plenary Session; Voting Procedure;

Closing Ceremony

6.     Applying and Selecting Procedure

Please download the application form from the official website of UNDP in China (remember the different forms for delegates and student leaders!) and send the soft copy of your application form to

Note: When sending your application please use the subtitle “Application for MUN + Name + Positions”. (e.g. “Application for MUN+ Han Meimei + ASG”)

Our team will review the application forms after which successful participants will be selected and notified for interview. Should you have any enquiries in the meantime, please feel free to contact the planning committee at

Time for registration: June 27th to July 28th, 2014.

7.     Fees

This conference is initiated by UNDP China which adheres strongly to the concept and ethos of the UN. As a result, no fees will be charged! As an added bonus, UNDP China will cover each delegate’s meals. However, transportation and accommodation expenses are not included, though the planning committee has arranged hotels for all delegates. The organizer will also purchase accident insurance for every participant.

So apply today – we look forward to seeing you there.


2014 China UN-MUN for High School Students Planning Committee

June, 2014