UNDP attends Water Stewardship Workshop in Shanghai

09 May 2014

imageChristophe Bahuet, UNDP Country Director, encourages water recycling among industrial parks.

China’s Industrial Park Water Stewardship Workshop was held from 7-8 May 2014 in Shanghai. UNDP Country Director, Mr. Christophe Bahuet, was in attendance and addressed an audience of over 100 representatives from line ministries, industrial parks, and Coca-Cola bottling plants.

In his speech, Mr. Bahuet referenced a UNDP project entitled Rehabilitation of the Lotus Lake Urban Pocket Wetland in Zhengzhou, a joint initiative between UNDP, CICETE, Coca-Cola Greater China, and the Zhengzhou Swire Coca-Cola Bottling Plant. Designed for replenishment by underground water supplies, the Lotus Lake Wetlands faced a shortage of water resources and deterioration of its water environment. As a result of the project, treated water from the Zhengzhou Swire Coca-Cola Bottling Plant, amounting to as much as 600 m3 on a daily basis, or about 200,000 m3 in a year, is now replenishing the Lotus Lake Wetland, leading to a revived urban pocket wetland and much improved living conditions for the local population.                                                         

Mr. Bahuet urged workshop attendants to build on their achievements and others to adopt this circular economy model, stating “These [efforts] could lead to recycling of at least 8 million m3 of reclaimed water per year. Let us imagine the positive impact there would be if all beverage plants across China would do the same, and what it would be if all the industrial parks in China would fully recycle their treated water.”