UNDP participates in Forum on Government Procurement of Public Services

Apr 20, 2014

UNDP Deputy Country Director Patrick Haverma contributes to the discussion, sharing UNDP's efforts in public sector reform.

Organized by the China Society for Public Sector Reform and the Hainan Provincial Commission Office for Public Sector Reform, the Forum on Government Procurement of Public Services was held in Haikou on 19 April 2014. The event was attended by Mr. Patrick Haverman, UNDP Deputy Country Director; Mr. Huang Wenping, President of China Society for Public Sector Reform; Ms. Wang Jing, Deputy Secretary-General of the Hainanese provincial government; public administration scholars; and over 30 participants from provincial and local commission offices and societies for public sector reform.

The purpose of the Forum was to bring together government practitioners from different provinces, research institutes, and think tanks to exchange ideas and thoughts on how to promote government procurement of public services and strengthen public sector system-building. In his opening remarks, Mr. Haverman emphasized the importance of public service procurement for both developed and developing countries and shared UNDP’s global experiences in public sector reform and promotion of public service procurement. He also confirmed UNDP’s commitment to working with the Chinese government in support of continuing public sector reform processes.