Audiobook of Major UNDP Human Development Report on China’s Urbanisation now available

Feb 27, 2014

The new and comprehensive UNDP Development Report on China’s historic urbanisation can now be heard as well as read. An English audiobook version of the report (along with an eBook version) is now available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. The audiobook is the first in UNDP history. 

Targeting audiences with different reading and learning preferences, the audiobook is an easy, accessible version of the 2013 China National Human Development Report (NHDR). By combining the audiobook with the eBook version, English-language learners can absorb facts more easily and relate the written and spoken words.

The groundbreaking production process of the audiobook represents another innovative initiative by UNDP China. Two UN Volunteers (UNV) with extensive experience in broadcasting with BBC and The Discovery Channel were recruited online. After four months of recording, editing, and testing, readers now can “listen to the development” from the biggest online store in the world.  

(Listen to the book:; Kindle Version:

Framed in the context of urbanisation, the 2013 NHDR examines the interconnectivity between China’s economic, social and environmental challenges.

According to the report, China’s urbanisation comes at a critical time on all three fronts, with pressures accumulating in matters such as the efficient use of natural and energy resources, the development of urban governance systems, employment, transportation, housing and access to basic social services, security, the livelihoods of migrant workers, an ageing population, structural economic transformation, and air and water pollution. How urbanisation is managed in China will determine the outcome of many of these challenges.

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