International conference offers insight into combating corruption via rule of law

Nov 18, 2013

An international conference on the “Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption” was held in Beijing from 16 -17 November. The event was sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and co-organised by the CASS Institute of Law and UNDP.

The conference marked the third annual CASS forum and also the third International Symposium on Rule of Law, focusing on the significance of rule of law in strengthening anti-corruption efforts. The forum brought together experts, academic representatives, and practitioners from China, France, Finland, Macao, Mexico, Italy, New Zealand, and Japan to share their experiences and explore technical issues on combating corruption from a rule of law perspective. The participants held discussions on the role of constitutions in the fight against corruption; the importance of judicial and procuratorial systems in anti-corruption initiatives; and the current bottlenecks in China regarding extradition and mutual judicial assistance, including a lacking property disclosure system and policies that allow issuing the death penalty in response to financial crimes.

The forum comprises an important part of UNDP’s policy work in promoting rule of law and integrity in China. UNDP representative Phil Matsheza, Democratic Governance Practice Team Leader of the Asia-Pacific Regional Centre, gave a keynote presentation entitled “Impact of Corruption and the Rule of Law: A UNDP Experience.” The presentation triggered discussion on how China will strengthen anti-corruption efforts in line with international norms and practices, such as the UN Convention against Corruption.

Held just after the public release of China’s official reform guide (“The CCP Central Committee Resolution Concerning Some Major Issues in Comprehensively Deepening Reform”), the forum and results posited from its discussions will contribute to the Chinese government’s strengthened efforts in fighting against corruption and improving the rule of law.

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